School Imparting Prophets

Develop Accuracy in Prophecy

School Imparting Prophets (SIP)

ABOUT THE PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER: Herbert Mulondo was born in Walvisbay, Namibia. Before his birth, The angel of God prophesied to his mother that she will give birth to two boys and they will be prophets. At the age of 16, Herbert, accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. At the age of 17 he had an encounter with God and received a calling from Him. Herbert carries a strong prophetic mantle with an apostolic anointing on his life. Herbert is a spiritual father and coach and mentor, who released many into their destiny. Today he mentors many from business people to ministry leaders, As an author he wrote and published several books. Herbert is fathered by the General and pioneer of the modern-day prophetic movement – Prophet Uebert Angel, who is known as Major, having prophesied to presidents, actors, global icons and foretold various world events, changing the course of nations and history.   


School Imparting Prophets is a program designed by Prophet Herbert Mulondo. This school was birthed to teach and disciple prophets to fulfill their calling from God. Prophetic Ministry is more than just hearing from the Holy Spirit about the past, present and future for someone else. This course is for beginners as well for mature and seasoned in prophetic office. This course imparts and establishes prophets around the globe, to be instruments of transformations in local churches, communities, cities and nations. Do you desire to be more than just a voice of God? Do you want to learn about the deeper revelation of the prophetic ministry? If so, this course is for you! This revelatory training program is aimed at all those who are hungry to grow in the prophetic ministry. This course equips you to move effectively and accurately in the prophetic.       


   You will be able to prophesy effectively and accurate - You will be able to hear God's voice - You will understand what prophecy is, and why we should prophesy - You will be be able to receive prophetic revelations from God - The prophet and his personal life - Prophetic Dimensions - How to partake in the grace/gift/ministry/office of the prophet - What prophecy is, and what it is not - Learning God's language - Mistakes to avoid in the prophetic ministry - and much more...